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SCKIINE is a brand dedicated to self expression.

 SCKIINE was developed to make women feel confident, beautiful, and sexy through clothing.  As a woman, I understand the importance of needing the perfect outfit when you are heading out; something that will stand out from the competition!  Which is why, at SCKIINE, all designs have been well thought out and crafted with integrity, while never compromising quality for speed. 

SCKIINE won’t ever be fast fashion. We take pride in delivering quality clothing. My preference is slow, steady, but effective. My designs are unique and one of a kind and you will only find these styles here, at SCKIINE.  I work very hard to deliver clothes that I think you will love. I am dedicated to my brand and my brand means everything to me.

The beginning

How It All Started

Starting with just an idea, a piece of paper, and faith SCKIINE has slowly turned into a brand that can't be denied.

These 2 pieces started the brand. Not knowing how I would do it, many manufacturers saying "NO," because my designs were too complicated, not having enough money, life challenges, etc. designing always lived in me...

We Deliver Every Time


Our creativity is what sets us apart in every way. No details have been left out and we aim to provide unique designs that stand out.


Sometimes you may need a simple, soft, but sexy dress. Don't worry, we got you covered. Our dresses are always an option.


Want to make them remember you as you walk away? This unforgettable outfit will catch anybody's attention from the front and the back. Grab a pair of Super Stretch Speedway Pants.