Starting with just an idea, a piece of paper, and faith SCKIINE has slowly turned into a brand that can't be denied.

Not knowing how I would do it, many manufacturers saying "NO," because my designs were too complicated, not having enough money, close family causing doubt, life challenges, wanting to give up; etc. designing always lived in me.

No matter how much I strayed away from designing, often times losing focus, I always found myself wanting to design. I would have dreams about clothes I wanted to design. Waking up in the middle of the night, sketching at 1 am in the morning until 6 am, until it was time for me to take my kids to school, my brand was always on my mind.

Whenever I would get dressed to go out I wouldn't ever feel comfortable with the potential of knowing someone else would have on an outfit that I'd purchased somewhere, so I started sewing my own clothes. Having the satisfaction of wearing something that was exclusive made me feel good. I wanted other women to feel the same joy and exclusivity that I felt. This is where SCKIINE was conceptualized.

I have had so many challenges getting to this point in my life today, many that only close friends and family know about, while slowly creating my own lane and staying true to myself, SCKIINE is like no other brand. God stayed with me and kept my small dream inside of me.

SCKIINE is unique and one of a kind. We are not like any other brand and we strive to maintain our authenticity.  This is just the beginning for SCKIINE. I'm determined to take over the world.